Dr. Ivan Goldberg Outstanding Service Award

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2018 Ivan Goldberg Award.

About the Dr. Ivan Goldberg Award

The New York County Psychiatric Society invites its members to nominate potential candidates for the Dr. Ivan Goldberg Outstanding Service Award. This award, given by the New York County Psychiatric Society, commemorates the unique and novel contributions made by the late Dr. Goldberg to the field of psychiatry. Dr. Goldberg was the consummate New York City psychiatrist; an expert psychopharmacologist, and a psychotherapist in private practice, who held various academic appointments and was the medical director of the New York City Mood Disorders Support Group. He was a pioneer in disseminating psychiatric knowledge to mental health professionals and to the lay public. He established an encyclopedic website, Depression Central, as well as several renowned psychiatry listservs, which continue to educate mental health professionals worldwide today.

Nominees should demonstrate the pioneering spirit of Dr. Goldberg’s work; to make psychiatric knowledge accessible to all. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds, who work in any type of setting, clinical or non-clinical, and whether or not they are affiliated with any academic institution. The ideal candidate will be someone who has found innovative ways to educate others about psychiatry and issues related to mental health. We define this as broadly as possible to include those with expertise in neuroscience, to those with expertise in psychotherapy. A nominee may be someone who is using the latest technological advances in teaching psychiatry to future physicians, or someone who began a grassroots movement that is changing how society perceives mental illness, or someone working to change the public perception of psychiatry.


Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must be a current General Member, Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, or Life Fellow of the APA from one of the New York City District Branches, including the New York County Psychiatric Society, the Bronx District Branch, the Brooklyn Psychiatric Society, or the Queens Psychiatric Society. Candidates for the award may be self-nominated or nominated by a member of the New York County Psychiatric Society.

Submission Instructions

Please send us the full name, contact information, and current resume or curriculum vitae of the nominee. Also, please include your name, contact information, and a brief statement, of one page or less, explaining why you think the person you are nominating would be suitable for this award. All submission materials and questions should be emailed to info@nycpsych.org with Ivan Goldberg Award in the subject line.




2017 Dr. Ivan Goldberg Award Recipient 



NYCPS is proud to announce Harvey White, MD as the recipient of the 2017 Ivan Goldberg Outstanding Service Award. He was nominated by Dr. Marla Shu.


Dr. White has a long, distinguished career in private practice; he also makes considerable contributions to advance the public understanding of psychiatry through presentations, lectures, and creative endeavors. Recently, he offered his interpretations on the psychoanalytic understanding of War at the Freud University in Vienna. He has spoken on suicidology at both Fordham University and the Washington Square Institute, where he extrapolated on a conference given by analysts in the wake of a cluster of suicides. Dr. White’s letters to the New York Times regarding child custody and Freud have been published because they offer an expert opinion without alienating the readership, which reflects kindly on psychiatry. He maintains an interest and activity in the arts, using theater pieces to demonstrate psychological issues. All of these endeavors not only serve to advance the purpose and message of psychiatry, but demonstrate something important to early career psychiatrists.


Equal parts analyst, psychopharmacologist, family therapist and playwright, Dr. White’s disparate areas of expertise help demonstrate psychiatry’s dynamic potential, and it is for these reasons he was chosen for the 2017 award.